Vows Amongst Giants

Begin Crafting Your Dream Redwood Wedding

Strolling beneath the canopy of ancient redwoods to pledge your love, or celebrating under the vast, starlit sky, are visions brought to life at Miranda Gardens Resort. The enchantment of the forest, combined with the quaint charm of our resort, offers a memorable setting for couples to mark their special day. Ceremonies can unfold in the heart of nature at our Garden Terrace or within the secluded embrace of the Forest Clearing. For your reception, choose between the rustic elegance of our open-air Pavilion or the cozy ambiance of our Garden Room. Our dedicated Harmony Wedding Team will be by your side to tailor the perfect wedding package and ensure every detail reflects your personal touch.

celebrate at miranda gardens resort

Personalized events from intimate to grand, set in Humboldt’s natural charm.

Unique celebrations near the Avenue of Giants, amidst ancient redwoods.

The cozy, scenic ambiance in our resort, ensures unforgettable moments.

Start Your Forever at Miranda Gardens Resort

Young couple of newlyweds on the background of the forest on their wedding day. Two lovers